Niall Horan New Hair

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Couple days ago Niall Horan, a member of One Direction boyband, dyed his hair to brown and leaved the blond at tips of his hair. But don’t you know that Niall Horan natural hair is actually brown? So what about his blonde hair that he was wearing all the time? He dyed it! Take a look this picture below, it was taken a few moment after Niall dyed his hair with spiked haircut.
Niall Horan
A reliable source said: “Niall’s hair is naturally brown. He’s been dyeing his hair blond for a long time.”

Now, when his natural hair roots growing out, but he hasn’t had time to dye it to blonde, so he decided to make it brown.

Here are few photos before he dyed his hair and different hair colors.

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Niall when he was in Dyeing process.
niall horan hair dye 2012

Here is another photo of Niall with brown hair and blonde highlight at front.

Niall Horan Haircut Pompadour

Niall Horan in blonde messy hair.

Niall Horan Tumblr Pic

Niall Horan hair 2012

Niall Haircut One Direction blonde

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